We are a consulting firm ready to fill the extent and size of market needs.


QB Consulting's mission is to provide its clients with the knowledge and experience accumulated by its consultants in their expertise areas, creating value and contributing to excellence.

Imbibed from this spirit, taking advantage of existing skills and synergies around a group of experienced and qualified professionals in specific areas, with know-how and market recognition, we developed the different areas on which we add value to:
- Applications to portuguese and EU incentive systems

- Financial and economic consultancy

- Internationalization

- Tourism consultancy
- Industrial markets (B2B)

- Digital marketing (B2C and B2B)

- Insolvencies and business recovery
Our team includes Economists, Engineers (Agronomists, Civil, Electrotechnical, Computer Science), Managers, Jurists and Marketers, allowing for the collection and share of different sensitivities and knowledge, which makes us heterogeneous and eclectic.

Insolvencies and business recovery

Analysis and diagnosis
File preparation
PER – Special revitalization process (Portuguese Application)
SIREVE - Extrajudicial recovery system (Portuguese Application)
Insolvency Plan
Negotiation with creditors
This area of internal expertise is led by the insolvency administrator António José Matos Loureiro
The company counts on the vast experience of a team, from insolvency administrators to postgraduates in the area in question, prepared and able to respond to any type of situation placed by the client
Our work goes from prior counseling, essential for taking the necessary preventive measures and decisions on the process, through the preparation of a recovery plan and follow-up, until the conclusion of the process.

Financial and economic consultancy

Investment analysis
Business Plans
Mergers and Acquisitions
Strategic planning
This area is led by Nuno Carvalho Oliveira, which has extensive experience and specialized training in multiple areas of management. The team is composed of consultants with experience in several sectors and specific training in different functional areas
The team is composed of consultants with experience in several sectors and specific training in different functional areas

Tourism consultancy

Support for innovation and entrepreneurship in tourism - new business concepts in tourism, tourist products, and services
Development and strategic planning of tourist destinations
Strategic consulting
Financial management
Sustainability and social responsibility consulting
Tourism marketing
Market studies
Economic and financial feasibility studies of investment projects in tourism
Applications for investment incentive programs
QB Consulting, aware of the importance of the tourism sector, has in its staff a dedicated team.
The tourism department is highly qualified and operates throughout the entire value chain of the sector (tourist enterprises, accommodation units, food and beverage, tourist animation, etc.)

This area of expertise is led by Nuno Cunha Leal.

Business intelligence

What is it?
Business Intelligence (BI) is a digital solution, which concatenates and presents updated indicators (KPI’s), through a process of data collection from different sources.
Who is it for?
This is an important solution for companies in all sectors of activity, whatever their size or organization (industry, trade, services, tourism) and tailored to the customer.
How does it work?
Regardless of the industry, our approach involves collecting data and information spread across various systems internal to and outside the company, so that it is then properly treated, cleaned, prepared and finally transformed into critical indicators made available in a simple and intuitive way in dashboard or tableau de bord.
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Internationalization strategy
Market research
International Fairs / Exhibitions
This is an area that has been reaping special interest, increasingly valued by our clients, led by Nuno Carvalho Oliveira, who has extensive experience in the internationalization process and experience with several markets.

Industrial markets (B2B)

Market research
Market approach and implementation
Sales based on value
Costumer value management
Channel management
Sales management
Customer-focused Marketing programs
The services provided in the field of Industrial Markets are tailor-made and developed by a group of Marketing Specialists

Digital Marketing

We find companies new customers and higher turnover.
The 3 steps we follow for your company to grow exponentially.
1. Have a perfectly optimized website
- We find and fix all the weaknesses of your website
-  We inspect your direct competition and innovate your website
-  We optimize your website commercially to attract new contacts
2. Build and invest in your company's online visibility
- We define the best digital media to promote your business
- We invest in organic actions and paid customer acquisition actions
- We beat the competition with your website at the top of Google
3. Optimize conversion processes and sell more!
- We develop strategies to attract new customers
- We build and refine processes to nurture customers
- We create cross-selling and up-selling marketing
We follow these steps and many more within our team specialized in Digital Marketing, with more than 10 years of experience, Certified and Google™ Partner.

Applications (Portuguese and UE projects)

Portugal 2030
Turismo de Portugal
This area, inside QB Consulting, ends up being transversal, as it includes several areas of expertise and consultants, all of them specialized and able to prepare applications in various sectors, such as agriculture, agroindustry, industry, services, ICT, etc.

In addition to the preparation and follow-up of applications, QB Consulting offers some of the services included in the applications and their respective action plans, which facilitates their implementation.

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